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Happiness flower (concept, story release)


*About how to view this work

This work is based on the concept of having you watch it twice.

First :At first , please watch the video image purely without reading the following.

Second : After that, read the bottom and then look again.

Work concept

Feel free. Take it as you see fit.

In this work, the original colors were changed to monochrome, and the original dialogue was extracted.

Words and coloring are an important core part of the work, and in a way, they almost "answer" the story.

In devising ways to entrust the interpretation and answer of the imagined work to the viewer, the way of seeing and receiving is finished in a different style for each person.

Spin out your own "color" from this work,

I would appreciate it if you didn't have an opportunity to notice "true happiness".

by Takamitsu Nagano


Color: 4 primary colors (blue, red, green, yellow)

Season: spring, summer, autumn and winter

Theme-colored flowers that bloom in each season

Flower language of each flower

main characters

■A flower hero

■Four flowers with theme colors that bloom in each season (blue lavender, yellow hibiscus, red salvia, green butterbur)

■A dog

■A Boy


The lonely and shy main character, Hana, is pessimistic about her situation and life, and has a longing for others.

The flowers imagine and fantasize about the flowers that they admire and never become.

About the main character's flower, the flower that he admires, and the language of each


Blue: Lavender is Waiting for happiness to come : Spring flowers

Red: Hibiscus is Gorgeous : Summer flower

Yellow: Salvia is Family love :Autumn flower

Green: Butterbur is Snuggling up to people in need : Winter flowers

No matter how much you imagine it, the reality is loneliness.

With sorrow, it soon begins to rain, and a cold night comes.

Rain is the rain of grace. The cold season is the beginning of the warm season.

Suddenly, a lonely dog like the protagonist takes a liking to such a shy flower and falls asleep.

A few years later, the flowers

It becomes a gorgeous flower that is comparable to hibiscus,

Snuggled up to a dog who likes me like butterbur,

While being loved like salvia,

Lived happily like lavender.

Surrounded by a new family.


In one place, a single small flower was blooming.

It was neither conspicuous nor beautiful, just a single flower that seemed to bloom everywhere.

A flower bloomed in this place in the wide world, and has lived quietly all by itself.

One time, illuminated by the sun in the sunlight. Sometimes, while buried in the cold snow. At one point, while being blown by a strong wind. Still, desperately, I have spent now.

"What if I..." A lonely flower suddenly imagines.

If I were the lavender that blooms in the northern lands, I would fill the hills with blue flowers in spring, waiting for happiness.

If I were a hibiscus blooming in a tropical country,

To make a gorgeous yellow flower bloom in the summer and live a brave and gorgeous life.

If I were a salvia that blooms on the other side of the world, I would live surrounded by friends with bright red petals in autumn and be loved.

If I were a Japanese butterbur blooming in a cold country, I would show my charm even in winter and snuggle up to someone.

Ah, if I had been born into a more beautiful flower than I am now, I would surely have lived a wonderful life as a flower.

But now, I'm just a lonely flower that's neither beautiful, nor gorgeous, nor charming.

“I hope that next time I will be born into a beautiful flower that many people will envy.”

The sky, which had been bright just a moment ago, was now shrouded in darkness. Suddenly, a sad feeling hits me.

The sky is raining as if to express sad feelings. The rain hits harder and harder.

“This kind of rain is common."

The night gets darker and darker. It was even colder today.

"It's not uncommon to be cold like this, because I've lived alone through the hardest nights."

Hey, but it looks like I'm not alone today. Softly, a dog approached.

"Oh, are you alone too?"

The dog didn't say a word and came to my side.

Warm, dog warmth. The flower felt very happy.

On a chilly night, the warmth of a dog reminds me of a sunny day.

"That's right! The next time I'm reborn, I want to become a flower that can be someone's sunshine like this." The flower and the dog quietly fell into a long, deep sleep.

Then, after a while...the summer season came.

From outside, I can hear the cheerful voices of children.

"Oh, beautiful flowers are blooming."

"Hey, doggies are with us!"

"I wonder if you like this flower."

Gorgeous sunflowers were blooming proudly.

As if to embrace happiness.





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