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【The 2nd Mizonokuchi Short Horror and Suspense Film Festival 2024】

【The 2nd Mizonokuchi Short Horror and Suspense Film Festival 2024】Call for entries✉️

For all of you who love and love horror and suspense movies.This year, the event is back again!

Last year, we received more than 30 submissions from all over the country for this year's festival, which was held online, and it was a great success.

This year's edition has been further upgraded!

The jury will include the president of a video production company and an actor with ties to Kawasaki City, and the Mizonokuchi Theater in Mizonokuchi, Takatsu-ku, Kawasaki City will provide special support for the theater version of the festival. In addition, various media outlets in the prefecture will also provide support!

In addition to the Grand Prize and the awards in each category,Special Actor Award and Audience Award" were newly established this year!

We have evolved the finale of the festival into a special event that includes the "Award Ceremony," where the finalists' films are actually performed in front of the audience!

💡The purpose of this film festival🎞️

The day when I was a student, I gathered my few friends who liked horror and suspense and formed a circle. That day when we rolled the camera night after night, even though it made us feel weird. My sweet and sour youth was always spent in front of abandoned buildings. I spent more time watching horror movies with my friends than I did with my girlfriend. The "2nd Mizonokuchi Short Horror and Suspense Film Festival 2024" is a maniacal film contest in Japan, presided over by Studio Start Creation, a video production company created by a horror film lover who became an adult!

If only someday I could get my original horror films seen in front of a large audience. I have made my own original horror film as an adult, as a dream of my youth when we talked about such a dream.

Application Rules and Regulations🎞️

■Eligibility: Both professional and amateur filmmakers are welcome to apply.

■Entry Rules:

✅If you are selected as a finalist, you must participate in the final competition on August 25 at the Mizonokuchi Theater.

✅The work must be non-infringing.

✅The work must be no longer than 10 minutes and 00 seconds.

✅Entries must be in mp4 format.

✅Foreign language works must be subtitled in Japanese or dubbed in Japanese.


・Horror Division


・Suspense category

■Entry fee: 3,300 yen ※Multiple entries are accepted.

■Deadline: July 1, 2024

■Announcement of screening results: Scheduled for mid-July, 2024.

📽️Organizer:STart creation Co.

Special Support: Mizonokuchi Theater

Cooperation: CINEMA PLANNERS, koubo, JDN, Deview,Kawasaki City Town News, Kawasaki FM (tentative)

■ Awards🏆

・Grand Prix

・Awards in Each Category

・Audience Award

・Best Actor Award

(10,000-30,000 yen prize money, trophy, next screening rights and promotion ... etc.)

Please read through the above and make sure you understand all the items before applying.


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ホラー映画祭の公募発表から一ヶ月が経ちました。 現在少しずつですが、応募が増えております。 そんな中ですが、スタッフ工藤が新たな簡易動画を作りましたのでこちらにて。 プロアマ問わず。初心者大歓迎。 過去に制作した作品の応募も可能です! 応募の詳細はこちらから 「【第二回溝の口短編ホラー・サスペンス映画祭2024】公募作品募集 」

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Unautre Cinema
Unautre Cinema
Mar 23

La genèse d’ Unautrecinema remonte à divers mouvements et moments de l’histoire du cinéma, où cinéastes et artistes cherchaient à rompre avec les contraintes des récits traditionnels, des pressions commerciales et de l’esthétique conventionnelle. De la Nouvelle Vague française au néoréalisme italien, du nouveau cinéma allemand aux mouvements d'avant-garde à travers le monde, chacune de ces périodes a contribué à la vaste tapisserie dans laquelle s'inspire Unautrecinema. Ces mouvements étaient unis par un désir commun d’explorer la condition humaine, de remettre en question les normes sociétales et d’expérimenter le langage du cinéma de manière radicale.

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