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[楽曲] Real McCoy Written by:吉田健二 Produced by:INGENIOUS DJ MAKINO Mixed

by:KOJOE(J.STUDIO) Mastered by:yasu2000(big turtle STUDIOS) Directed by:YOUNG CHILD

「ケンジ君、リアルマッコーイにならないといけないよ」 30歳の時、New Yorkでアパレルブランドの社長に言われたその言葉が今作のテーマだ。 娘を亡くしたショックで音楽から離れていた3年間を最大限少ない言葉で表現した。 午前4時、タイムズスクエアは明るかった。INGENIOUS DJ MAKINOの曲を聴いていた。 "吉田 健二"に改名したのは等身大でいるためだ。この曲は誰にでもある挫折や困難に届けたい。

"Kenji, You should be “Real McCoy”. he said. He was the president of a clothing company. I was in NY and 30 years old that time. His word is the theme of the song.In the song, I tried to express my 3years, when I was keeping distance from music due to the torment that I lost my daughter, with the fewest words. At 4 a.m, it was light in Times Square. I was listening to songs "INGENIOUS DJ MAKINO”. I changed my musician name to “yoshida kenji”, in order to be as I am. I’m willing to deliver this song to frustration and difficulties, which everyone may face.


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